audio labs 3inch bass speaker square frame deep suspension 4 8ohm 78 78mm 25w

Brand N/A Model ISD1820 Quantity 1 Piece Color Deep Blue Material Copper-clad laminated board + components English Manual / Spec Yes Other Features On-board ISD1820 chipset; Working voltage: DC 3~5V; Convenient to use 10s recording and playback; High quality natural voice restore; Loop playback jog playback single-pass playback; Can be controlled by microcontroller; Directly drive 8ohm / 0.5W speaker; Audio recording control: button control or microcontroller IO control lines have been drawn; Sound recording button control method of operation: REC record button press and hold the button to record release the button to stop recording; RLAYE key: Trigger playback mode click to play the current voice; PLAYL button: Jog playback mode press and hold until playback release to stop playback; RPL Jumper: Loop playback mode control can loop play; FT jumper: Straight control microphone allows direct access to the speaker voice playback. Packing List 1 x Module 1 x Speaker 1 x Cable (20cm)

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